Can You Set up a Hotspot on a Mac

Are you a Mac user? Do you carry more than one device for your use? Then the first quest in your mind should be: Can you set up a hotspot on a Mac? Let me answer this for you.

Of course, you can! You can easily set up your hotspot on a Mac. NO additional device is needed. Mac itself will work as a proxy for a router and share your internet connection. While you connect your Mac to the inter through wireless Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable, you can share it with any wireless device. Though it may not provide the same speed as your direct connection, it will come handy in case of an emergency.

Why need hotspot on Mac:

There are many reasons for which you need to use the hotspot on your Mac. For example:

▪ When you are in a public place or hotel room where you can only connect one device over Wi-Fi, you need to communicate with other devices.

▪ If you run out of your cellular data but still want to browse the internet or have some pending work to finish, it is necessary.

▪ In case you are in a tight spot where you have a small business but need to travel a lot, it will help you save your roaming data.

▪ Guess an unknown person wants to use your internet, but you don’t like to share your Wi-Fi password with others.

▪ Sometimes a connection password doesn’t work. Rather than waiting for the company to fix it, you can allow guest access.

After learning these reasons, how can you set up a hotspot on a Mac that will come to your mind? Having a personal hotspot will help you deal with these problems. This article will enable you to transform your Mac into a portable hotspot. This advancement will fulfill both your personal or professional purpose. Whatever may be the situation, the solution is single and easy for anyone in distress.

Check compatibility:

Can you set up a hotspot on a Mac? Yes, you can set up a hotspot on a Mac. But to set up a new hotspot, your device needs to pass the compatibility test. Apple provides the best longevity for Its product. They are always in quest of adding new features and update their work with the fast pacing generation. So it may happen that you are still using the old version where the operating system is not updated as the hotspot connected service is the newest added edition. You should make sure you are using Mac OS X Lion (10.6) or the later versions. With the updated version, you will be able to access this service. Let’s update the device and enjoy the new features.

Now that you have got the correct device in your hand, you are ready to go ahead. You can easily have your hotspot in no time.

How can you set up a hotspot on a Mac:

You can set up a hotspot on a Mac following these easy steps. Just go through it once and for all. You don’t need to repeat this process.

  1. Go to the Apple menu from the top left corner of your window screen.

2. Open system preference from the menu

3. Click on the sharing icon.

4. To your right, choose Wi-Fi to select your connection from the box.

5. Go to computers using and select Wi-Fi.

6. From the left drop-down list, select internet sharing

7. From the confirmation dialogue box, click on the start option; thus, your Mac hotspot is ready to use

Completing this process, you will notice that a little arrow icon has replaced the regular Wi-Fi icon. The icon indicates your connection sharing. Smile up cause you have successfully set up your hotspot on Mac. Your time to answer now can you set up a hotspot on a Mac.


Now that the question can you set up a hotspot on a Mac is solving, you need to remember some things. Incoming connection and outgoing connection must be different. You can’t share Wi-Fi absorbing from others. The host must connect through Ethernet. Using the same connector sharing is not possible. It cant do both at the same time. The connector can only do input or output.

Secure your network:

“Can you setup a hotspot on a Mac” quest doesn’t complete the answer with yes or no after setup security comes to mind. To keep your network secure, set a strong password from the security option. Now nobody can’t access your device network if you don’t disclose the password to them. If you don’t secure the system, anybody can access the host and mess with work if the file-sharing option is on. So make sure to complete this task. You can also change the name according to your preference. Be sure to turn off the hotspot when you have finished your use. That’s so it will not drain your charge, and others won’t try to get access.

Connect with the Wi-Fi hotspot:

Now you have a new Wi-Fi to connect. Let’s use it the same way you have been using any Wi-Fi network. For your convenience, let me repeat the process:

● Launch Settings application from your mobile or iPad

● Open Wi-Fi and choose the mobile hotspot.

● Enter the password you selected in the security section

Within a few seconds, you can connect to the internet. Repeating this process, you can connect any device to your hotspot. Are you still thinking can you set up a hotspot on a Mac? I don’t think so.


One of the limitations is that you cannot be connected to the Wi-Fi and be the host at the same time. You can only choose one between them. However, It was a standard-issue before. But there is a solution for this also.

Can you set up a hotspot on a Mac through Bluetooth? Sure, using Bluetooth PAN, you can share your internet. For that, you need to follow the previous steps. Just select Bluetooth for grade 5. This Bluetooth doesn’t work as fast as the Wi-Fi network. It will also take some time to connect to the system. For the device to be connected, you need to turn on Bluetooth and pair the device by matching the code.

Connect hotspot without Ethernet:

Can you set up a hotspot on a Mac without Ethernet? The answer is affirmative. If you don’t have an Ethernet connection, you need to have a separate interface. You can use any adapter device to connect to the network. By joining the adapter, you need to follow the previous steps. For step 5, please change it to one of your two adapters, and your connection will be ready to use.


As using a desktop or laptop has become secondary, office workers don’t use it outside the office. So it has become an old fashioned, but it is the most popular — still, some like the LAN version. For them, I hope this article will provide you all the information for can you set up a hotspot on a Mac. Also, while you are using a cable modem for your internet, you may unintentionally disrupt the other customers. For which you may lose the connection from the company. So make sure you are not disturbing others.